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Product no.: LAS065C
338.80 *
Product no.: LAS066C

Laser rudderblade

181.50 *
Product no.: LAS067C
Rudderhead with Pintles
72.60 *
Product no.: LAS069C
Rudder Lift Stop
2.42 *
Product no.: LAS076
Base plate for rudder insert
3.63 *
Product no.: LAS070C
2.42 *
Product no.: LAS072C
The Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad holds your board in place, so you don't have to.
4.84 *
Product no.: LAS073C
Heavy duty 10mm pivot bolt
3.63 *
Product no.: LAS051C
Super tough tiller is made with black 1-1/4 inch aluminum. Cast aluminum rudderhead insert fits snug and does not wear out. Comes with aluminum downhaul cleat and stainless steel wear plate. Is pre-drilled with one hole to be used as a guide for many popular extensions.
70.18 *
Product no.: LAS053C
A nice robust combination. The tiller extension is aluminum with a foam grip and OP rope core universal.
102.85 *
Product no.: LAS050C
Great for upgrading your existing tiller - just transfer the hardware off your old tiller to this one. 1-1/4 inch diameter tubing.
45.98 *
Product no.: LAS056C
All the features of the deluxe extensions but made of 16mm unidirectional carbon covered with a braided carbon outer with a high gloss finish. Fitted with a releasable rubber joint/swivel and an eva foam grip. The releasable rubber joint/swivel has a rope core and is mounted with an Aluminum pin only. The pin is kept in place by a piece of heat-shrinkable tubing for easy replacement.
66.55 *
Product no.: LAS055C
Fitted with a releasable rubber joint/swivel and an eva foam grip.
26.62 *

VAT 21% Included in price