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Product no.: 420079
Spreader and vernier assemblie. Bracket not included. Quick and precise spreader angle control to tune your rig to the optimum level.
193.60 *
Product no.: 420079R
Vernier caliper for Selden spreaders
58.08 *
Product no.: 420084
Unique retaining system. Fast pin for rapid adjustment. 17 offset holes calibrated at 4mm increments. Reduces the risk of losing the stay when adjusting rig tension.
18.15 *
Product no.: 420057A
Assemblie of high strength, low weight Spectra line and stainless steel hook.
25.41 *
Product no.: 420057

Kit containing 2 side stays, 1 headstay, main sail halyard, Jib sail halyard, spinnaker halyard, trapeze cables, top-lift. Does not include trapeze regulation system and shroud adjusters.

344.85 *
Product no.: 420057T

Starboard and port trapeze cables. Low stretch. Stainless steel Dyform. T handle included.

84.70 *


Product no.: 420057F
Low stretch Dyform stainless steel cable with terminals.
30.25 *
Product no.: 420057G
Stainless steel hook for top lift.
12.10 *
Product no.: 420057S
Low stretch Dyform stainless steel cable. 2 units with terminals.
90.75 *
Product no.: 420086
For Ronstan Fast Pin
1.21 *


Product no.: 420057C

3 mm Dyform stainless steel cable.

48.40 *
Product no.: 420079P
Stainless steel 4,76 x 14 mm pin with retaining ball and split ring for spreader attachment.
3.63 *
Product no.: 420058
235.95 *
Product no.: 420085
Stainless steel grade 316 fast pin with loaded ball.
7.26 *
Product no.: 420057D

Trapeze handle disc black

9.68 *

VAT 21% Included in price