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Product no.: OP042
Precission Wind Direction Indicator mounted on lighweight arm.
20.57 *
Product no.: LAS081C
Complete autobailer for Laser®. Can be used as a replacement bailer. Including cockpit plug, screw and plug for the hull.
20.57 *
Product no.: LAS043C
Shrink tube for Laser traveler blocks.
13.31 *
Product no.: LAS024C
Teflon disk for mast bottom
3.63 *
Product no.: LAS091C
Stern Plug
3.63 *
Product no.: LAS092C
Stern plug with seating
3.63 *
Product no.: LAS082C
Replacement kit with two O-rings, a chute and a cockpit plug.
8.47 *
Product no.: LAS085C
For hiking straps.
2.42 *
Product no.: LAS094

Made of aluminum. Quick release spring locking system allows the unit to be disassembled in a matter of seconds for storage and travel.

350.90 *
Product no.: LAS095A
This DVD set will be useful to both experienced and inexperienced helms to improve their technique, understanding of boat handling and tactical game plan.
41.14 *
Product no.: LAS110
Built those hiking muscles from the comfort of your own home. Fully detachable bench, it has an adjustable hiking strap and two padded supports. Perfect for that extra training session, it's portable and easy to assemble due to the quick link detachable joint design. Strong enough to stand up to your high performing hiking, but only weights 5.7 kg.
181.50 *
Product no.: LAS106
For comfortable hiking, padded hiking straps. 2 inch webbing partly covered with blue nylon cloth filled with closed-cell foam material. Does not absorb water.
42.35 *
Product no.: OP250
With its wire cutters, bottle opener, and 16 other equally useful functions, the no-classic Wave remains the best sailing multitool.
145.20 *

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