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Product no.: LAS012C
Bottom mast for 4.7
133.10 *
Product no.: LAS013C
Bottom mast sections for Radial. Top mast section and boom with original blocks and fittings. These spars make the perfect budget solution.
133.10 *
Product no.: LAS011C
Bottom mast for standard
154.88 *
Product no.: LAS010C
Replacement top mast for 4.7 radial + standard Laser®
94.38 *
Product no.: LAS014C
Boom for standard Laser
157.30 *
Product no.: LAS018C
Upper Mast Sleeve
7.26 *
Product no.: LAS020C
Lower Mast Base Plug
8.00 *
Product no.: LAS019C
Top Mast Plug
9.68 *
Product no.: LAS022C
Gooseneck Plug
9.68 *
Product no.: LAS021C
Top Plug for Top Mast and Outer Boom End Plug
9.68 *

VAT 21% Included in price