Blocks and Hull Fittings

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Product no.: OP103

Harken 57 mm Carbo Ratchet. Machined Aluminum sheave with 8 facets to hold the line securely. Weighs only 85 grams. Supplied with 2 way link.

121.00 *
Product no.: OP101
The proven design of the Elvström type ratchet White plastic with stainless steel cheeks.
50.82 *
Product no.: OP201X

Clear ball bearing ratchet block. 57 mm. Most economic ratchet available.

48.40 *
Product no.: OP108

Compact and extremely strong block. Ultra light weight for mainsheets and control lines. These blocks can be used as becket blocks too.

30.25 *
Product no.: OP105
Standard blocks with stainless steel cheeks and nylon sheave. Sheave diameter 34 mm. For ropes up to 10 mm.
9.68 *
Product no.: OP107
Standard blocks with stainless steel cheeks and nylon sheave. Sheave diameter 34 mm. For ropes up to 10 mm.
12.10 *
Product no.: OP035
The only perfect rudderfittings for the Optimist. Used on all top racing Optimists. Pin diameter 6 mm. (According to I.O.D.A. class rules) These stainless steel rudderfittings are available as a set or separate. Included in the set are pintles, gudgeons, backing plates and a rudder retaining clip. For blades up to 15 mm thick.
20.57 *
Product no.: OP037A
Stainless steel screw set with selfblocking nuts for rudderfittings
3.63 *
Product no.: OP037
Fits around the blade. Can be fastened with one bolt which will not split the blade.
6.05 *
Product no.: OP36A
Plates with two holes for mounting hiking straps and buoyancy bags. Due to a recent rule change Nylon plates are now allowed in the optimist. Thickness: Stainless 2 mm, Nylon 4.5 mm
1.21 *
Product no.: OP036
Set of stainless steel transom gudgeons
16.94 *
Product no.: OP106
Main sail control line extender
41.14 *
Product no.: OP112
Base plate, fixed, four 5 mm holes. For mainsheet and hiking straps.
6.05 *
Product no.: OP111
Swivel base plate, four 5 mm holes
10.89 *
Product no.: OP110
Stainless steel shackle
2.42 *
Product no.: OP114
Heavy duty stainless steel spring to mount under ratchet blocks.
3.63 *
Product no.: OP113
Stainless steel carabiner for main sail control line
4.84 *
Product no.: LAS086C
Clamcleat MK1 for outhaul and traveler, silver coated.
8.47 *
Product no.: OP104B
Part B for Silver and Training Masts
2.42 *
Product no.: OP104C
Part C for Gold, Silver and Training booms
2.42 *
Product no.: OP104D
Part D for blackgold boom
2.42 *
Product no.: OP104E
Part E for Blackgold and Gold Masts
6.05 *
Product no.: 420114
Perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies. The patented bearing system uses stainless steel balls in a captive grooved race.
33.88 *

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