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Product no.: OP0095C
The exceptional performance of our MC2 sail redesigned for skippers over 45 Kg.
435.60 *


Product no.: OP095A
High performance sail. Excellent in downwind! Designed for skippers up to 35 kg weight.
435.60 *
Product no.: OP095
Excellent acceleration right after start and after turnings. Excellent performance in small waves as well as in big ones and at flat water conditions.
435.60 *
Product no.: OP95B

Sleeve sail, ideal for sailing schools. A sleeve pocket for the mast at the luff with a cutout for the sprit halyard block. This sail is created strong to last long, made of 4 US oz. high quality 100% dacron sailcloth. The sail has 4 heavily reinforced corners, a loose foot and webbing loops at both the tack and the clew point to accommodate the boom. The sail does not have any sailbattens and each of the 5 panels has a different color.

193.60 *
Product no.: OP201

Carefully manufactured on our sail making facility. A heavy duty sail for schools.

205.70 *
Product no.: OP908
Sail number 23,5 cm. order per piece. Colours red, grey, blue and black. Specify number or letter when ordering.
3.63 *
Product no.: OP099
Untapered sailbatten, with plastic end caps.
6.05 *
Product no.: OP100
Long bag from red nylon cloth to protect your sail when rolled around the boom. 2 m long.
18.15 *

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