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Product no.: OP131
Subject to a particular process aimed to maximise the characteristics of the laminated section, giving the ultimate dynamic response from the boat. Carefull mast positioning and alignement of the foils. World and European champion.
2,601.50 *
Product no.: OP132
Taking down the experience from the high-tech Classes this optimist hull is cured by a thermical threatmen in our powerful owen working 24 hours to ensure the best strenght and the fastest response of the laminate under loads. Strict controls on the assembly toolings guarantee that this hull can be considered EXACTLY SPOT ON in the most critical measurements.
2,662.00 *
Product no.: OP133
16 World Championships and 18 European Championships. The Winner Optimist hull is unquestionably the choice of National and International Champions. You can't control the weather, but you can control your equipment, and give yourself a competitive advantage.
3,872.00 *

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