Crucero - Mayor
Cruise Main sails  
Designed to increase performance and durability, our cruising sails offer the highest performance in its class. Made of Dacron cloth and horizontal structure or Mylar sadnwich and tri-radial cut for discerning cruisers.

Supplied with telltales, stowage bag, numerals and stainless steel eyelets.
Crucero - Genova

Cruise Genoas
High performance and durable Headsails . They are available in Dacros cross  cut technology, Mylar sandwich with carbon fber and tri-radial cut for cruisers looking for superior performance.

Supplied with telltales, steel-reinforced eyelets Trevira, whisk leech and stowage bag.

Crucero - Portante

Cruise Downwind Sails 
Our Gennakers and Spinnakers suit a wide range of apparent wind angles facilitating use with trim and autopilot.

Supplied with stainless steel rings, numeral, whisk leech and stowage bag. Sock and optional measurement regatta.

Regata - Mayor

Regatta Main Sails  
The tri-radial cut eases trim and adaptability to any type of wind. These sails built in carbon or kevlar sandwich are lighter and keep shape over time.

  • Increased durability with an optional layer one or both sides  .
  • Supplied with forced upper batten, stainless steel eyelets, spreader reinforcements, whisk leech and stowage bag.
  • Optional measurement for rating.
Regata - Proa

Regatta Headsails
Tri-radial cut distribution maintain its shape under a wide range of wind. Fast and easy to trim.

Supplied with leech beater, stainless steel rings in tack and clew, treviras in halyard, numeral, tell tales, reinforcements and stowage bag.

Optional measurement for rating.

Regata - Portante

Regatta Downwind Sails
Racing Gennakers and Spinnakers light and easy to fly. Computer design and distribution facilitates a smooth and even curvature ideal to maintain a more stable and durable f
low when sailing downwind.

Supplied with leach and luff control line. Stainless steel clew and tack eyelets.

Optional measurement for rating.


Sails for Classic Yachts
Our special sails for classic yachts preserve classical style and distinctive colors of vintage boats while increasing their performance due to computerized desing and cutting.