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Product no.: 3S001
Pocket multitool with 8 utiles. Spetial for kids as it has no cutting blade. Weight 45 gr.
33.00 *
Product no.: OP046
29mm Harken Tie-Lite block as used on Halyards of Blackgold masts.
14.52 *
Product no.: OP044A
Halyard system as used on MK3 and MK4 masts. 3 mm ultra low stretch Vectran with spliced loops. Complete with the new HARKEN hook-in block and 29 mm tie-lite block. The whole system only weighs 28 grams. The combination of low system weight, low friction Harken blocks and spliced Vectran rope creates the most advanced halyard system available on the market
55.66 *
Product no.: OP231
Sail racing rules book in English and Spanish
48.40 *
Product no.: OP250
With its wire cutters, bottle opener, and 16 other equally useful functions, the no-classic Wave remains the best sailing multitool.
145.20 *
Product no.: OP040
Spinaker fabric flag red coloured for best sighting in all weather conditions.
12.10 *
Product no.: OP041
High precision wind indicator with less drag
13.31 *
Product no.: OP042
Precission Wind Direction Indicator mounted on lighweight arm.
20.57 *
Product no.: OP044B

Dyneema line extreme resistance and light weight. Taylor spliced to your mast.

14.00 *
Product no.: OP045
Hook-in block, as used on SILVER mast, with plain bearing Aluminum sheave. Round, fiberglass filled nylon case.
21.78 *
Product no.: OP046A
Used on Blackgold racing masts. Due to the curved saddle the block rests against the mast in a fixed position which prevents mast wear and creates a halyard system with less friction.
31.46 *
Product no.: OP043
Stainless steel cable. Taylor spliced to your mast.
42.35 *
Product no.: OP044
Stainless steel cable halyard system with rolling ring block
54.45 *
Product no.: OP047
Top cap, to seal the top of a silver and school mast.
7.26 *
Product no.: OP048
Heel plug, Low friction Delrin, for racing mast.
20.57 *
Product no.: OP074
Stainless steel mounting plate for school masts
3.63 *
Product no.: OP200
Stainless steel lock to secure your mast from coming out of its step when the boat is capsized. This lock has a rubber insert and should be clamped around the mast just under the deck. We suggest you use the collar in addition to the rope locking system to create double security. The lock will be provided with a line to attach it to the maststep.
24.20 *
Product no.: OP049
Outboard end for 32 mm std. Boom
13.31 *
Product no.: OP049A
Outboard end for 40 mm std. Boom
13.31 *
Product no.: OP049C
Outboard End for 55 mm Racing Booms
14.52 *
Product no.: OP049B
Outboard end for 55 mm std. Boom
14.52 *
Product no.: OP050
Sprit end set for standard 25 mm sprit
12.10 *
Product no.: OP050A
Sprit end set for standard 27 mm sprit
14.52 *
Product no.: OP050B
Sprit end set for standard 29 mm sprit
14.52 *
Product no.: OP051
Inboard end for 32 mm standard boom
16.94 *
Product no.: OP051A
Inboard end for 40 mm standard boom
16.94 *
Product no.: OP051C
This boom jaw has a firm grip around the mast.This ensures that mast and boom always turn together.
21.78 *
Product no.: OP051B
Inboard end for 55 mm standard boom
21.78 *
Product no.: OP052
Nylon sprit adjuster handle with hole for 4 mm rope. For easier handling of the halyard.
6.05 *
Product no.: OP053
Hard anodized Aluminum clamcleat for downhaul and halyard.
10.89 *

VAT 21% Included in price

1 - 30 of 76 results